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Design for t shirt printing, custom t shirt store 

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Design for tshirt printing, custom t shirt store

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Design for t shirt printing, custom t shirt store  design for t shirt design for t shirt


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We offer “Direct-to-Garment” printing, a photo or graphic is printed on the garment with an inkjet printer.


With direct to garment printing, each image prints digitally (similar to a paper printer Digitally printed graphics feel much softer on garments than any other method. When properly cured and cared for, the impression will last as long as the life of the shirt because the ink permanently adheres to the fabric.


Direct to garment developed to fill in the gaps left by the other garment decoration methods. 

For example, embroidery doesn’t allow for photographic detail. 

Screen printing multiple colors is extremely expensive and requires high minimum order quantities due to the high set-up costs of each image. 

Heat transfers deliver a thick, rubbery feel to the graphic. 

Dye sublimation is appropriate only for 100% synthetic fabrics

DTG Printing outputs a high resolution compared to silk-screen printing.